Madness Personified


She waited, as a child, for her parents to return from work. Hopping from foot to foot, anxious to see them, to tell them about her day. Her plans for the future. Their future together.

She waited, when she was sixteen, for her family to come. She had watched the fires tear apart her home and…

One of those days

Shepard reached, trying to get the large bowl off the top shelf. Stretching herself to her limits, her arches screaming in protestation and she could only just brush the bowl with her fingertips.
   “Damn it!” She pounded her fist on the counter. “Did they design this kitchen with giants in mind?”

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Final request

Apparently tonight is the night for me to write!

A short letter written by my Shep to her mom a few days before the start of ME2.

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Breaking Traditions

    “Shepard?” Tali questioned. “Are you certain about this? Doesn’t this go against almost every human tradition?”
    “Tali, I’m certain. Please hand them to me.” Shepard smiled.
    “Does Kaidan know you’re doing this?” Liara asked, her voice full of suspicion.

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" "I pledge my love and life to you, that our lives might be twined together in such a way that no one could see where you end and I begin. You have my heart and soul. Where you go, I go also."  In a low slow voice, Kaidan spoke the vows that he must have practiced many times. "Nothing in this universe could stop me from loving you and only death will keep me from your side." "

A piece from a fic I started a couple of weeks ago and just haven’t felt like it’s finished but every time I go back to work on it I get to the end and nothing comes…

Anyone willing to read what I’ve got done so far and give me some ideas on what to do with it?


(Random fluff that percolated in my brain while insomnia prevented me from sleeping last night. Hope you enjoy it! If there are glaring misspellings or grammar errors forgive me, I’m working on less than 3 hours of sleep.)

  “Mo, just go do it.” Kaidan called out as he watched his wife pace back and forth across their bedroom.

  “Don’t call me that. You know I can’t stand it.” She replied as she ran her fingers through her lengthening red hair for what must have been the hundredth time.

  “Well, love, what do you expect me to call you? Shepard? Last I checked your last name was Alenko and has been for about six months. Besides, your mom calls you Mo with impunity. Why can’t I?” He sighed as she continued to pace tugging at one of his old t-shirts that she had slept in the night before. “Besides, that’s off topic.  You can’t keep putting this off. Isn’t it better to know?”

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