Madness Personified

My best friend gave me Kingdoms of Alamur; Reckoning to play the week after I finished ME3. I was in such a funk all I could think about was ME and so I started another playthrough of ME…but since I’m going to be hanging out with him tomorrow, I decided I was going to at least start it tonight… I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow, because I’d sit on my butt all night and play Reckoning… it’s awesome so far. Reminds me of Fable a lot. I pick best friends very well apparently. He gives me awesome games to play (He also got me addicted to Dragon Age and Fallout.) and he introduced me to my hubby. (Random factoid; we have known each other for over two decades now…and I’m about to turn 25. He’s been a vital part of a vast majority of my life.)